An early poster from our Saturday night shows at the Bad Habit Cafe.


One of two hand-drawn gig posters created by Dan T. Wiekes, who I met at Dunn Bros. in St. Paul.


"Grocery Store" CD Release show poster, also by Dan T. Wiekes. He tells us that both posters were inspired by our music.


Cooker John is a folk and blues musician who has played in bands, and more lately solo or with a drummer or
harmonica player. John learned fingerpicking from Artie Traum above Noah Wolfe's music store on 48th street in Manhattan in the early 1960's. A list of the subsequent bands and approximate dates follows.

The Downchildren - Played bars in Southhampton Long Island and Forlinis on Broadway.  
This later became The Rain, which recorded one single for MGM and an album that was never released circa 1966.
Opened for Chuck Berry at The Village Theater, and The Loving Spoonfull at Asbury Park Convention Hall.
From a Buick 6 - by The Rain
From Left to Right: John Sagner, Bob Norman, Jan Egleson Peter Schubert, Lynn Spangler

Shortnin' Bread - This included members of the previous group, and Mark Wenner who went on to form the Nighthawks - 1969

Living Proof circa 1970 - With Chris and Janet Morris..which later became the Christopher Morris Band..check out Chris Morris on Sound Cloud recorded at The Record Plant with Jack Adams-Cooker played bass.
Never Next Week - recorded 1969..Record Plant, NYC

Horselips - Band in Newton New Jersey, name came from ingredient on bologna package..opened for Crazy Horse at local high school 1971

Junction - Band based in Fort Collins Colorado, bass player again...cover band, played ski resorts..1974

Terraplane. 1978..recorded at House of Music in West Orange New Jersey..sample track forthcoming..played bars in Poconos and Northwest New Jersey
Missing decade..Second hand nylon string guitars in single room occupancy hotels...
Twice a Week - by Terraplane

Cooker John - 1990-Present

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New Years Eve '96 opening for Jimmy Thackery at the legendary, and no longer in existence, Blues Saloon in St. Paul.


Cover art idea for "Grocery Store", created by Sherilyn DeYoung. Unfortunately, this beautiful piece arrived too late to be used.


Cooker 2002.